Knitted Christmas Ornament Swap

Since our knitting group meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month, we decided to have our Christmas party back in November, because none of us would make the December meeting so close to Christmas. We took scraps of Christmas coloured yarns and patterns for Christmas ornaments. Each of us started knitting an ornament, but being busy with food and wine, none of us finished.


We had a little lottery for who was going to gift their ornament to who and said we’d drop them off at each others houses. However, on the way out we decided it would be good to sit in the hotel lounge by the Christmas tree and knit together in December, so we made a date for yesterday evening.


We drank mulled wine and knitted and chatted…


Just before we left, we swapped ornaments…


I was honoured to receive two Christmas trees from the member of our group who is only just learning to knit.

I felt a little guilty as these are her first two FOs, but she insisted.



Sunday Sevens – 10th December

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens – started by Nathalie at Threads and Bobbins – sharing seven (or so) pictures of  the week beyond the blog.

Last Sunday I had my last craft stall before Christmas at Lydford Gorge. Lots of lovely people visited the stall including a lot of local friends. I also had a fab time between visitors helping the stall holder next to me – the lovely Holly from Hollybobs – learn to purl and kfb, so she could knit a Christmas pudding.


In the evening I did my best to photograph the only super moon of the year.


Lovely husband came to the fair also and bought our Christmas tree, so on Monday I decorated it.


While I decorated, Lovely Husband put up the outside lights.


Things got even more Christmasy on Thursday when we had our book group Christmas meal.


Our first snow of the winter fell while we were eating, but it was just a sprinkling and, unlike the rest of the country, we haven’t seen any more since.


On Friday we went for a walk on the moor.


After stopping off at the pub for lunch, we headed home via one of my favourite roads.



When I got home, I was very excited to find my parcel had arrived from my Stitching Santa.


Friday evening we went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday at our local then dropped into a drinks party on the way home. Saturday was therefore spend very gently, hiding in the warm, writing cards, wrapping presents and finishing my mini sweater for our knitted ornament swap.


Hope you’ve had a great week.


Stitch markers, mugs, pictures and roving

Over the last couple of months I haven’t done half of the things I’ve meant to do.  One outstanding task, I’ve finally worked on is fully updating the Dartmoor Yarn Company website shop. Here’s what I’ve added…

Stitch MarkersKnitting and Crochet Stitch Markers

I absolutely love making stitch markers, but during November haven’t been able to make them quick enough to have any left after fairs to put in the shop. But finally there are some  for sale, both for knitters and for those who crochet…

Hand Embroidered Pictures

I confess I may have been avoiding putting these in the shop, because I don’t really want to part with them…


I’m down to my last three…


This really should have been up before now!

Carded white Jacob Roving felting

And I’m sure everyone has their supply of Christmas colours for spinning or felting this year – but just in case, and there’s always next year…

Christmas red green white jacob carder felting

Okay, so I’m not going to win an award for business woman of 2017, but sometimes there’s far more important things to do than update your web shop.


Advice Please

Thank you to everyone who gave me their thoughts on the hat yesterday.  Listening to everyone’s suggestions and advice really helped. Like many of you I liked Porta Patet’s  suggestion of adding beads to the tassels and have decide to have a go at that.

However, when I thought about doing it, I first thought about tying a knot in the bottom of the yarn tassel to secure the beads. Then I thought I could make a double length tassel and loop it back up, so that there was no knot showing.



I liked the idea of having no knot, but I didn’t like the idea of a loop at the bottom. So, I’m afraid, I’m back being demanding again and asking, does anyone have any ideas of how to add the beads in a single strand without a knot at the bottom? Or does anyone have any other ideas about different ways to add the beads?

Thanks again for all your thoughts yesterday, they were really helpful!


Your Opinion Please

Having a bit of a dilemma over a hat I’m knitting as a Christmas gift. I started following a pattern that didn’t work, so ended up frogging and knitting by my own plan, but I did use the i-cord tassel finish on the top from the pattern.20171204_095709


I was planning on trimming the blue tassely bit to half that length. I’d be happy with it like that, but I’m wondering about the recipient. Would they want their hat topped like this? I could remove the tassels and make the i-cord shorter, or longer and tie it in a knot. Or I could pull back the i-cord and do something completely different.

Totally confused, I though I’d ask you marvellous lot what you think. Even if you don’t knit, how would you finish the top of this hat?  And please don’t say with a fluffy pompom – I do NOT like fluffy pompoms!

Sunday Sevens – 3rd December

Finally joining in again with Sunday Sevens on a Sunday – except this week it’s only four sevenths of a week, since I posted Wednesday Tens last Wednesday.

Having returned from a damp trip to Europe late Tuesday, we woke up on Wednesday morning to dry bright morning and ice on the outside of the velux windows.


Unfortunately there was a nasty surprise waiting when we unpacked. I’d brought a Belgian chocolate sheep for my #stitchingsanta partner while we were in Bruges. I’d tucked it in behind the satnav on the way home to stop it getting squashed, but unfortunately the satnav must have got hot 😦 Guess I’ll have to eat it now.


On the plus side, while I’d been away, HP had finally delivered all I needed to make my printer work and I could finally make colour copies again…


Wednesday and Thursday were spent catching up with orders and housework and making a few kits.


There was also more stitch marker making…

20171101_074247 But Friday was spent more leisurely with a final cake craft afternoon before Christmas…


On Saturday we drove up to Northampton for our Great Nephew’s first birthday party, so a fair bit of car knitting went on…


Sorry this pics a little blurred but too good not to share Lovely Hubby crawling around on the floor at the party with not just great nephew, but great nice also…


It was a long drive home, so on the way we stopped off for fish and chips…


Hope you’ve had a great week!




Road Trip Knitting

Having been away visiting the Netherlands and a little bit of Belgium, has meant  lots of travel knitting. I did a little secret knitting that I can’t show you, but other than that my knitting turned out to be rather like Henry Ford’s, you can have any colour you like as long as it’s black – but in my case it was brown.

Knowing there’d be a fair amount of driving in the dark, I cast on a fair isle yoked sweater in Jacob wool before we left, so I would have something I could knit even when I couldn’t see what I was doing. I worked on it after dark on the first two days, on the way to Dover, through Belgium and into the Netherlands, and on the way home from Dover. Here’s how far I got…


However the first thing I started on when we left home in daylight was a Christmas pudding…


Next morning I knitted a few more puddings on the Ferry…


Once in the Netherlands, we were busy most of the time, but any quiet moment was filled with knitting leaves and berries…

I also made sure I complete one pudding before we reached Utrecht to give to Lovely Eldest.

Christmas Pudding knitting kit british wool cropped

When we left Utrecht to drive to Bruge, I began the sleeve of the fair isle sweater, and also knitted it when we drove from Bruge to Dunkirk. I got this far…


As we sat and waited for the ferry, I stuffed my puddings…


… then I added the leaves and berries on the ferry.


I’m craving some more colourful knitting now I’m home!