Sunday Sevens – May 28th

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens, which was started by Nathalie at Threads and Bobbins.

Last weekend Lovely Husband headed north to help his parents move house. Mr Hicks is getting to old to travel so far, so we stayed at home. With the house to myself, I covered ever available surface with brown bags and knitting kit production went into full swing for the summer season…


On Monday, summer itself arrived and it was finally warm enough to have a BBQ without your coat on…


With the warmer weather, Mr Hicks took to his favourite cool spot just outside the back door…


Walks, of course, were punctuated by lots of dipping in puddles and rivers to keep cool…20170524_113223On Wednesday we saw hundred of these beetles taking off from the grass in the park…


These also caught my eye – any of you clever lot know what they are?


On the way back we couldn’t resist dropping into the garden of the Bearslake Inn for lunch…


And with good weather holding we made the most of it by cycling there again for lunch on Friday..


The week was rounded off brilliantly at a joint birthday party for two of our friends in the village. Here I am with Lovely Husband and two of my lovely neighbours…20170527214314

Hope you’ve had a great week.



Heartfelt Cardigan TA DA!

Many years ago, when I did not have the time to knit a cable cardigan, I bought a cream cable cardigan. I very much loved my cardigan, but over time it grew. As it grew, it moved from being a favourite cardigan to a pull on when it’s chilly cardigan. But still it grew and the cream began to turn a little grey however well it was washed. So it became a throw on when it’s chilly and you’re absolutely sure no one will see you in it cardigan.

I’m looking down because if I move it slips either side of my boobs

I wished and wished my poor cardigan was still new, until one day I realised wishing was going to get me nowhere.  So I picked up my needles. I wanted to knit an near identical cable cardigan in my grey Dartmoor Yarn Company wool, but one that felt a little more feminine. I loved the idea of cabled hearts, but this was the closest I could find in a stitchionary.


But it just wasn’t heart shaped enough and I certainly didn’t want anything as untidy as the way that one pulls at the sides – although I did wonder if that was down to the skill of the knitter who made the sample for the book.

There was nothing for it but take out my graph paper and design my own.

The pink one is my first attempt.

And so I began knitting, until finally…


Please excuse my hair, I’d been out in the rain all morning and I’m due at the hairdressers next week.

Heartfelt Cardigan

I’m very pleased with the finished cardigan, but not so pleased with the size of my hips and bottom.  I did intended it to be slightly looser fit and I did get the measurements right – I just failed to lose the weight I intended. So now my cardigan is finished, I’ve absolutely no excuse not do it justice by getting on with losing those extra inches, which I lost last year then put half of them back on again!

I also now need to get the pattern written up within a month as I promised in the goal I added to my 2017 list last month.

Knit your own country cottage

I’m determined this week to get several projects finished that have been almost finished for a couple of weeks. First up is an idea I had ages ago, knitted and blocked quite a while back, but never quite found the oomph to take off the blocking mat, finish and write up. But finally I have.  It’s another project for the DYC shop, Knit Your Own Country Cottage.

Knit your own country cottage

Apart from a couple of keyrings I need to write up, this is the last knitting kit I’m designing for the shop for a while. Hope you like it.


Sunday Sevens 14th May

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens, which was started by Nathalie at Threads and Bobbins.

Last week was Ten Tors weekend here on Dartmoor. Ten Tors is an annual challenge in which teams of teenagers from all over the South West hike up to 55 miles over the rough terrain of Dartmoor, visiting ten nominated tors in under two days. Our normally ultra quiet roads become full and last Sunday we had the unfamiliar experience of getting got caught in a traffic jam…


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