Determining the intensity of Colour Fade Yarns

While I had my pots and pans out dyeing roving, I decided to dye some yarn for a colour fade idea I’ve had in my head for a while.  The colours had been inspired by me knitting the Wintergreen Mitts.


I wanted to mix the same blues and blue-greens again, but my idea required double knitting instead of 4ply. After a wee miscalculation and some over-dyeing I ended up with these…

Blue-green colour fade yarn

Originally I’d wanted the fade to end on the pale blue, but looking at the skeins the pale green-blue looked marginally lighter.  So while the sensible half of me said ‘end on pale green-blue’, my heart kept whispering that the pale blue was lighter.

I wrestle pictures in my mind of each combination for the rest of the evening. However, in the middle of the night I woke up remembering a trick that a lovely DYC customer had shown me. If you take a picture of your yarn in black and white, it will show you which colours are really most saturated (is that the word I’m looking for?)

So this morning I took some pictures…

Black and white colour fade yarn
Left to right: Dark blue, dark blue-green, pale blue, pale blue-green.


Black and white colour fade yarns
Left to right: Dark blue-green, dark blue, pale blue-green, pale blue

Pretty obvious. Huh?

It’s funny how we try to fool ourselves. All the time I couldn’t prove the pale blue-green was the less intense colour, I carried on arguing with myself, even though I really knew the truth.  Once the camera gave me indisputable evidence, I stopped arguing.

However, I am now arguing with myself that the difference between the two darker and two lighter skeins is too much and I ought to dye two in-between blue skeins and knit the whole thing blue. I’m also concerned the camera is showing me that the dark blue-green skein is less marginally less intense than the dark blue skein. What do you think?  Blue-green colour fade yarn





Sunday Sevens – 21st May

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens, which was started by Nathalie at Threads and Bobbins.

After a long dry spell it felt quite a relief to have to real Dartmoor weather arrive at the beginning of last week.


On the fibre front I finished dyeing the Jacob roving.  Now I need to do something with it.


Lovely husband got on with his list of jobs. Here’s some frames he’s painted; a notice board and a cabinet we got for next to nothing at the auction…


On Wednesday I picked up two new needles I’d ordered. One for socks, the other to encourage me to knit Lovely Husband’s Christmas sweater.


On Wednesday we also won the pub quiz for the first time in ages.


While out cycling I couldn’t help smiling at this tree trunk…


On Saturday my neighbours had a BBQ and we had a lovely tour around their garden. Here’s just two of their ponds…


And for Mr Hicks fans, here he is in one of his favourite ditches. I’m afraid it’s the same pic as last week, but it’s the only ‘puddle he’s been in this week.


Hope you’ve had a great week.

Heartfelt Cardigan TA DA!

Many years ago, when I did not have the time to knit a cable cardigan, I bought a cream cable cardigan. I very much loved my cardigan, but over time it grew. As it grew, it moved from being a favourite cardigan to a pull on when it’s chilly cardigan. But still it grew and the cream began to turn a little grey however well it was washed. So it became a throw on when it’s chilly and you’re absolutely sure no one will see you in it cardigan.

I’m looking down because if I move it slips either side of my boobs

I wished and wished my poor cardigan was still new, until one day I realised wishing was going to get me nowhere.  So I picked up my needles. I wanted to knit an near identical cable cardigan in my grey Dartmoor Yarn Company wool, but one that felt a little more feminine. I loved the idea of cabled hearts, but this was the closest I could find in a stitchionary.


But it just wasn’t heart shaped enough and I certainly didn’t want anything as untidy as the way that one pulls at the sides – although I did wonder if that was down to the skill of the knitter who made the sample for the book.

There was nothing for it but take out my graph paper and design my own.

The pink one is my first attempt.

And so I began knitting, until finally…


Please excuse my hair, I’d been out in the rain all morning and I’m due at the hairdressers next week.

Heartfelt Cardigan

I’m very pleased with the finished cardigan, but not so pleased with the size of my hips and bottom.  I did intended it to be slightly looser fit and I did get the measurements right – I just failed to lose the weight I intended. So now my cardigan is finished, I’ve absolutely no excuse not do it justice by getting on with losing those extra inches, which I lost last year then put half of them back on again!

I also now need to get the pattern written up within a month as I promised in the goal I added to my 2017 list last month.

Knit your own country cottage

I’m determined this week to get several projects finished that have been almost finished for a couple of weeks. First up is an idea I had ages ago, knitted and blocked quite a while back, but never quite found the oomph to take off the blocking mat, finish and write up. But finally I have.  It’s another project for the DYC shop, Knit Your Own Country Cottage.

Knit your own country cottage

Apart from a couple of keyrings I need to write up, this is the last knitting kit I’m designing for the shop for a while. Hope you like it.


Sunday Sevens 14th May

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens, which was started by Nathalie at Threads and Bobbins.

Last week was Ten Tors weekend here on Dartmoor. Ten Tors is an annual challenge in which teams of teenagers from all over the South West hike up to 55 miles over the rough terrain of Dartmoor, visiting ten nominated tors in under two days. Our normally ultra quiet roads become full and last Sunday we had the unfamiliar experience of getting got caught in a traffic jam…


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Happy 13th Birthday Mr Hicks!

A year ago today, I wrote a post in celebration of Mr Hicks’ twelfth birthday. I talked about his health challenges and said that if I was honest, I’d never thought he’d make twelve, let alone be as healthy as he was last May. So I can hardly believe that today we’re celebrating his thirteenth birthday!


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Project Progress

It’s been two weeks since my last progress update and in that time I’ve added two more boarders and two sides of the 6 1/2 squares to my quilt. However I haven’t always managed my hour a day – haven’t even touch it for a week – but I don’t think that’s too bad given that we have been doing rather a lot at home… Continue reading “Project Progress”