Your question: Which creatures are native to Scotland?

Does Scotland have any predators?

Although we lost the wolf, bear, elk and lynx to hunting long ago, Scotland still has a wealth of land mammals. … Though seldom seen by us, the badger – Britain’s biggest carnivore – is still found across Scotland, often in surprising numbers.

Are there turkeys in Scotland?

Like many small Scottish farms, the turkeys fit in quite happily, scratching around the in-bye for a few months, growing fat for the festive season. When I arrive the lucky ones are still eating seaweed on the shores of Loch Broom. They are magnificent birds, even more so against the backdrop of the snowy mountains.

Do walruses live in Scotland?

“Since 1979 there have been eight confirmed sightings of walruses in Ireland,” said Babey, adding they have also turned up in Scotland.

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