Your question: Where do the cruise ships dock in London?

Do cruise ships go down the Thames?

London – as cruise destinations go, it’s hard to beat! Cruise ships can head up the Thames and straight into the heart of the capital, offering their passengers an unforgettable experience, with unrivalled views of historic buildings and modern icons alike.

How far up the Thames do cruise ships go?

The Thames River is open to cruising for all but about 25 miles — between Lechlade Bridge and the Thames Head. Riverboats measuring 100 feet in length and with a three-foot draught can fit safely through the locks and under the bridges up all the way to Lechlade.

Where do Viking cruise ships dock in Greenwich?

You will be just next to the Cutty Sark and actually inside the gates of The Old Royal Naval College. The ship will be moored on the river just opposite a pub called The Sail Loft also shown on Google Maps.

What ships are docked at Tilbury?

The Astoria, Astor, Colombus and Vasco de Gama are berthed at Tilbury Docks and have all been detained, while The Marco Polo at Avonmouth Docks in Bristol has also been held. All five belong to Global Cruise Lines Limited, with a sixth ship, the Magellan, not been detained after no significant deficiencies were found.

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Which cruise ship hit the Thames Barrier?

Viking Cruises’ first ever ocean-going cruise ship, Viking Star, today sailed through the Thames barrier during its maiden voyage.

Can you take a cruise to London?

Only small ships can sail up the Thames to London; the U.K. capital is otherwise served by cruise ports in Southampton, Dover, Tilbury and Harwich. Transfers to London may or may not be provided by your cruise line.

Where do the cruise ships dock in Southampton?

Cruise Terminals

  • Ceanos. Head Office- PO Box 385, Southampton, SO40 0FN.
  • City Cruise Terminal. Western Docks, Southampton, SO15 1BS.
  • Mayflower Cruise Terminal. Berth 106, Dock Gate 10, Southampton, SO15 1HJ.
  • Ocean Cruise Terminal Southampton. Cunard Road, Southampton, SO14 3QN.
  • QEII Cruise Terminal.

Why do cruise ships anchor Weymouth?

Cruise ships have been a constant presence in Dorset over the course of the coronavirus pandemic, which saw the cruising industry shut down. RNLI previously said the commercial vessels have been anchored within Weymouth Bay because the bay offers “secure anchorage with the prevailing weather”.