Your question: What were the two important industries in New England?

What were the 2 main industries of the New England Colonies?

Major industries in the New England Colonies included lumber, whaling, shipbuilding, fishing, livestock, textiles, and some agriculture.

Which industry was important in New England?

What were 4 important industries in the majority of New England Colonies? Farming, logging, shipbuilding and fishing and whaling.

What are 2 industries the New England economy was based on?

The New England Colonies and Their Economic Industries

Due to the poor, rocky soil, farming was not a viable option for the settlers. Instead, they relied on agriculture, fishing, furs, livestock, lumber, shipbuilding, textiles, and whaling.

What was the biggest industry in New England?

New England exports food products, ranging from fish to lobster, cranberries, Maine potatoes, and maple syrup. The service industry is important, including tourism, education, financial and insurance services, plus architectural, building, and construction services.

What were the major sea industries of New England?

Whale oil was an important resource that was used as fuel for lamps and could also be sold. Because the New England colonies focused on the shipbuilding and fishing industries, they imported agricultural products (farm products) from other colonies and England.

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What were the major industries that made the New England colonies prosperous?

Farming, fishing, and lumbering prospered, as did whaling and sea trading.

What were the two main economic activities in the New England region?

The main economic activities of the New England Colonies were logging, whaling, and fishing. The main economic activities of the middle colonies were fur trapping, iron products, and grains.

What were the New England jobs?

Colonial Work and Jobs

  • New England Colonies: Fish, timber, furs, ships and livestock.
  • Middle Colonies: Grain, flour, livestock, iron and furs.
  • Southern Colonies: Tobacco, rice, indigo (dye) furs and farm products.

What was the most profitable industry in New England?


Term The vocabulary word meaning management of the money, materials, and resources of a government or community is Definition economy
Term New England’s most profitable industries were fishing and _______. Definition shipbuilding
Term Which animal was hunted to make such products as oil and corsets? Definition whale

What industries were vital to the New England economy?

What were the most important industries in the New England colonies that made them money? Major industry for the colony included Agriculture (fishing, corn, livestock), Manufacturing (lumbering, shipbuilding).

What was New England’s most important export?

Fish was the area’s most valuable export throughout the colonial period, though its primary trade destination shifted over the eighteenth century.