Your question: What is the population of Northern Ireland right now?

What is the population of Ireland and Northern Ireland 2020?

The Republic of Ireland is referred to as “Ireland.” The Republic of Ireland currently has a population of about 4.94 million people and is growing at a rate of about 1.13%. The entire island of Ireland, both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, have a population around 6.8 million people.

Is Northern Ireland more Catholic or Protestant?

Like Great Britain (but unlike most of the Republic of Ireland), Northern Ireland has a plurality of Protestants (48% of the resident population are either Protestant, or brought up Protestant, while 45% of the resident population are either Catholic, or brought up Catholic, according to the 2011 census) and its people …

What is the Catholic Protestant split in Northern Ireland?

The segregation involves Northern Ireland’s two main voting blocs—Irish nationalist/republicans (mainly Roman Catholic) and unionist/loyalist (mainly Protestant). It is often seen as both a cause and effect of the “Troubles”.

How many over 80’s are in Northern Ireland?

The figures come in statistics published on Wednesday by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA). In the last decade, the population aged 85 and over has reached 36,500 representing 2% of the population.

Where do most Protestants live in Northern Ireland?

About 30% of Ulster Protestants live in the three counties of Ulster now in the Republic of Ireland, Cavan, Monaghan, and Donegal, where they make up around a fifth of the Republic’s Protestant population.

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What is the capital of Northern Ireland?