Your question: What breed of dogs are illegal in Ireland?

Does Ireland allow pitbulls?

Ten breeds of dog in Ireland are subject to restrictions such as muzzling and leashing. … Four breeds – the pit bull terrier, the Japanese Tosa, the Dogo Argentino and the Fila Braziliero – are deemed to pose an essential threat and can be seized and destroyed.

What animals are not allowed in Ireland?

Hard Border: the animals refused entry to Ireland

  • Savannah cat. “Generally owners of less common, or exotic, pets email the Department requesting information as to whether their pet can be brought into Ireland,” a spokeswoman said. …
  • Ring-tailed lemur. …
  • A raccoon. …
  • Red-eared slider turtle. …
  • A fighting cock.

Are Huskies banned in Ireland?

No dog breeds are banned in Ireland. Instead, the current law – which dates from 1998 – imposes rules on the leashing and muzzling of some breeds in public places and requires that they be kept on a “short strong lead by a person over 16 years who is capable of controlling them”.

Are Rottweiler legal in Ireland?

Eleven breeds of dog, including Rottweilers, Bull Terriers and German Shepherds have been banned from all Dublin City Council properties, including houses, flats and estates, with immediate effect. … Cross-breeds of these dogs or crosses of these dogs with any other breed are also banned.

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Can you bring a dog from Ireland to Spain?

Can I bring my dog to Spain from Ireland? Yes, you can freely travel with your pet to the European mainland as long as you follow the necessary steps and have all the proper paperwork and vaccines for your dog, there is no problem bringing them to Spain from Ireland.

Can I bring a dog from Ireland to UK?

You do not have to use an approved route or company if you’re travelling from Ireland to Great Britain. You can only bring a pet into Great Britain on a private boat or plane if you’re travelling from Ireland or Northern Ireland.

Can I take my dog to Republic of Ireland?

Your pet must be vaccinated against rabies. The vaccine must be given after the microchip is inserted. Your pet must be at least 12 weeks old when it is vaccinated. You must wait until the appropriate immunity has developed before you can bring the dog, cat or ferret to Ireland.

Are Rottweilers a restricted breed?

Where Can I Own a Rottweiler or Pit Bull? … Although no states have restricted Rottweilers or pit bulls, many cities and towns do. For example, the city of Santa Monica in California has restricted pit bulls, and Walkerton, Indiana has banned Rottweilers.

How much is a dog Licence in Ireland?

There are three types of dog licence: An individual dog licence, which costs €20 and is valid for 1 year. A ‘lifetime of dog’ licence, which costs €140 and is valid for the dog’s lifetime. A general dog licence, which costs €400 and is valid for 1 year.

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