Your question: How long does it take to get from Hong Kong to UK?

How long does a flight from Hong Kong to UK take?

How long is the flight from Hong Kong to London? Direct flights from Hong Kong to London take 12 hours 30 minutes.

Are there direct flights from Hong Kong to UK?

There are 3 airlines who fly direct from Hong Kong Intl to London. How many flights are there a week from Hong Kong Intl to London? Virgin Atlantic, Cathay Pacific and British Airways all operate direct flight from Hong Kong to London Heathrow.

Which UK airports fly to Hong Kong?

If you prefer to go straight to your destination, the three airlines that offer direct flights from London to Hong Kong are British Airways, Cathay Pacific and Virgin Atlantic. These flights all go from London Heathrow Airport, while Cathay Pacific also offers a route from London Gatwick.

Are flights operating from UK to Hong Kong?

British Airways announced to resume service from London and Hong Kong the coming Monday. … British Airways announced that it will resume passenger services from London Heathrow Airport to Hong Kong next Monday as the Hong Kong government has recently relaxed the quarantine arrangements for high-risk areas.

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How far is Hong Kong to England in a plane?

Flight time from Hong Kong to London is 12 hours 55 minutes

Distance from Hong Kong to London is approximately 9640 kilometers.

Do you have to quarantine coming from Hong Kong?

Travel in Hong Kong

There are local travel restrictions in place upon arrival in Hong Kong including mandatory quarantine. Hong Kong residents are being asked to work from home where possible and avoid social gatherings. … you are not permitted to leave your designated quarantine location for up to 21 days.

Can foreigner enter Hong Kong?

All passengers (Hong Kong residents and non-Hong Kong residents, regardless of vaccination status) travelling from a Group C country, the Chinese Mainland or Macao (see below) who have not been to any other country/region in the past 14 days, are allowed to enter Hong Kong.

Is it a bad time to visit Hong Kong?

Hands down, the worst time of the year to visit Hong Kong is during its summer months from June to August. It is hot and sunny with “instant-sweat” high humidity levels. Temperature average ranges from 26 to 31 degrees Celsius (78 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit).