Your question: How do you make BBC iPlayer think you’re in the UK?

How do I change my region on BBC iPlayer?

On our BBC iPlayer TV app, you can change your location by going to Settings and selecting Change Location. On our BBC iPlayer app for mobiles and tablets, you can change your location by going to Settings and selecting Change Location.

Why does iPlayer think I’m not in the UK?

There are several reasons why BBC iPlayer thinks you’re outside the UK. The most common are: Your IP address, which is the address websites use to determine where in the world you are, isn’t registered in the UK. You’re using a VPN (Virtual Private Network), proxy, or similar service which masks your IP address.

How does BBC iPlayer know my location?

How does iPlayer know if I am using a VPN? Like most geo-blocked services, BBC iPlayer determines the user’s location by examining their IP address. If it points to anywhere outside of the UK, you simply won’t be able to use the service.

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Is it illegal to use a VPN for BBC iPlayer?

No, it’s not illegal to use a VPN to watch BBC iPlayer. However, using a VPN is against BBC iPlayer’s Terms of Service. Even so, that doesn’t make it illegal. The worst that can happen is for BBC to suspend your account if you’re caught using a VPN.

Why do I get the wrong region News?

Your television can sometimes receive signals from more than one transmitter, which may be transmitting different regional news. This is more likely to occur following a retune of your television.

Which VPNs work with BBC iPlayer?

The best BBC iPlayer VPN in 2021:

  1. ExpressVPN. The best overall VPN of them all. …
  2. NordVPN. Popular VPN with bonus security features. …
  3. Surfshark. Cheap and fully featured VPN making waves. …
  4. Private Internet Access. VPN with one of the biggest server networks. …
  5. ProtonVPN. A speedy, unblocking machine.

How does iPlayer detect VPN?

BBC iPlayer can detect VPNs for a variety of reasons and most of them have to do with your true location, including: … Your VPN’s servers have been blacklisted by BBC iPlayer. This is more common if your VPN has a small server network. It’s much harder for BBC iPlayer to block VPNs with a large server network.

What is the BBC IP address?

212.58. 246 – United Kingdom – BBC – Search IP addresses.

What is www BBC co uk IP address?

For instance, the IP address for is 212.58. 226.75.

How do BBC know you’re watching iPlayer?

Our Privacy Policy explains that we may use data collected from other parts of the BBC to establish if you are using BBC iPlayer. … You’ll then receive a copy via email of the activity associated with your BBC account.

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Can the BBC track your Internet when you use iPlayer?

We collect some information automatically

Things like your IP address, which browser and device you’re using, or your device ID. And we can tell what webpage directed you to the BBC by looking at information from your browser.

Is it illegal to not have a TV Licence?

You don’t need a TV Licence to own or possess a television set. However, if you use it to watch or record programmes as they are being shown on TV or live on an online TV service, or to download or watch BBC programmes on demand, including catch up TV, on BBC iPlayer, then you need a TV Licence in order to do so.