You asked: What would happen if Britain did not enter ww2?

What would have happened if Britain had lost the Battle of Britain?

The stakes

But any invasion required air superiority, and that meant defeating Britain’s air force. If Britain lost the battle, and Germany was able to manufacture a successful invasion and capitulation, then the last realistic launchpad for the liberation of Europe would be gone.

Why did Germany not invade England?

It suffered from constant supply problems, largely as a result of underachievement in aircraft production. Germany’s failure to defeat the RAF and secure control of the skies over southern England made invasion all but impossible.

Did Japan think they could beat the US?

And although the Japanese government never believed it could defeat the United States, it did intend to negotiate an end to the war on favorable terms. … It hoped that by attacking the fleet at Pearl Harbor it could delay American intervention, gaining time to solidify its Asian empire.

How did Britain survive ww2?

In the event, the battle was won by the Royal Air Force (RAF) Fighter Command, whose victory not only blocked the possibility of invasion but also created the conditions for Great Britain’s survival, for the extension of the war, and for the eventual defeat of Nazi Germany.

What if Britain was defeated in ww2?

Dunkirk: It would have taken years for the British army to be trained and rebuilt, and perhaps longer to regain self-confidence. Between June 1940 and the second half of 1941, the only army fighting Hitler belonged to the British empire. …

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