You asked: What is the relationship between Antigua and England?

Where does the speaker see England for the first time?

In the introductory paragraph, she describes the first time she saw England on a map in school saying, “We understood then- we were meant to understand then- that England was to be our sense of reality, our sense of what was meaningful, our sense of what was meaningless- and much about our own lives and much about the …

How is the phrase from on seeing England for the first time draw a map of England worse than a declaration of war?

Q. How is the phrase “Draw a map of England” worse than a declaration of war? England is difficult to draw. Kincaid wants to be a revolutionary.

What is Kincaid’s grandfather’s name?

Potter: writing about her biological grandfather, Nathaniel Potter, and his place on earth, Kincaid explains that “he was part of its mysterious and endless beginnings” (40); commenting on Mr.

Why do the mother and daughter feel familiar in girl?

The exchange between the mother and the daughter in “Girl” feels so familiar because, in spite of the peculiarities of culture, the situation is universal. Mothers want the best for their daughters, and so they admonish them.

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How does Jamaica Kincaid feel about England?

Kincaid’s aesthetic approach of lengthy, deep sentences allows her to depict England in the same pessimistic manner she now sees it. She doesn’t want to detach the reader through long phrases, but does desire to make him or her feel bitter towards England the same way she feels the country deserves.

Where is Jamaica Kincaid now?

She was born in St. John’s, Antigua (part of the twin-island nation of Antigua and Barbuda). She lives in North Bennington, Vermont (in the United States), during the summers, and is Professor of African and African American Studies in Residence at Harvard University during the academic year.

Is Jamaica Kincaid married?

Who are some of Jamaica Kincaid biggest influences?

Kincaid said her biggest foundational influence as a writer was the King James Bible, along with the Concise Oxford English Dictionary. She also fell under the sway of “Paradise Lost,” which she said “had a profound effect on me in that I fell in love with Lucifer.”