You asked: How many times has the London Bridge been rebuilt?

When was the London Bridge rebuilt?

London Bridge (Lake Havasu City)

London Bridge in Lake Havasu
Designer John Rennie
Construction start 1825 1967 (rebuild)
Construction end 1831 1971 (rebuild)
Opened August 1, 1831 (London) October 10, 1971 (Lake Havasu)

What replaced the old London Bridge?

The current crossing, which opened to traffic in 1973, is a box girder bridge built from concrete and steel. It replaced a 19th-century stone-arched bridge, which in turn superseded a 600-year-old stone-built medieval structure.

London Bridge
Opened 17 March 1973
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap

What is the oldest bridge in England?

BRIDGES: The oldest bridge in Britain is thought to be Tarr Steps on Exmoor, Somerset which is a Clapper Bridge.

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