Who was England manager in 2016?

Which country is in 25 parallel?

Who were the previous England managers?


  • The full list of England managers, full-time and caretaker. …
  • Gareth Southgate (2016-2021), 67 Matches.
  • Sam Allardyce (2016), 1 Match.
  • Roy Hodgson (2012-2016), 56 Matches.
  • Stuart Pearce (2012), 1 Match.
  • Fabio Capello (2008-2011), 42 Matches.
  • Steve McClaren (2006-2007), 18 Matches.

Who were the England managers?

Why was Roy Hodgson sacked as England manager?

Roy Hodgson stepped down as England manager on Monday night after Iceland inflicted one of the most humiliating defeats in the national team’s 144-year history to eliminate them from the European Championship.

Who is England manager now?

Gareth Southgate

Personal information
Current team England (manager)
Youth career
Crystal Palace

Who is England captain?

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