Who ruled during Shakespeare’s time in London there are two answers?

Who ruled during Shakespeare’s time in London?

Shakespeare lived and worked through the reign of two monarchs, Queen Elizabeth I and King James I of England (who was also King James VI of Scotland). This was generally a time of relative stability in England, but violent upheaval and disorder were never far from the surface.

Who was the ruler of England during Shakespeare’s time quizlet?

Queen Elizabeth I was ruler of England when William Shakespeare arrived in London and the population was around 140,000.

Who were two rulers of England when I was writing plays in the late 1590s and early 1600s?

The first of these was Elizabeth I, known as “Good Queen Bess” to her subjects. The second was her distant kinsman, James I, who was also king of Scotland. Each monarch had at least some influence on the content and character of Shakespeare’s work.

What was William Shakespeare relation to Queen Elizabeth?

Shakespeare’s Royal patrons were queen Elizabeth and King James I, both of whom greatly loved the drama. The virgin queen devoted herself to the field of entertainment by influencing the progress of English drama, and fostering the inimitable genius of Shakespeare.

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Who were the two rulers of England during Shakespeare’s time?

During Shakespeare’s life, two monarchs (kings or queens) reigned in England: Queen Elizabeth I (reigned 1558- 1603) and King James I (1603-1625). If we talk about the time when Elizabeth was on the throne, we call this the Elizabethan period.

Who were the two monarchs in Shakespeare’s time and what was Shakespeare’s company known as under each?

Elizabeth I was the first to form a troupe under the patronage of a sitting monarch in 1574, and James I (who was known for his patronage of artists, poets, and actors), was quick to make Shakespeare’s theater company, the Lord Chamberlain’s Men, his own once he reached London in May 1603.