Where is the biggest tree in the UK?

Are there big trees in England?

Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) said a Douglas fir in Reelig Glen, near Inverness, was now Britain’s tallest tree at 217.10ft (66.4m). The fir is taller than Dughall Mor, a Douglas fir in the glen that had held the record as Britain’s tallest. … The other three Reelig trees all measure higher than 147.7ft (45m).

Do Sequoias grow in UK?

Sequoias grow naturally in the Sierra Nevada mountains, and the best locatios in the UK are felled forests up in hard to reach hillside or mountian locations. While this is excellent for Sequoias due to the fertile and uncompacted forest soil, it does not make for easy terrain.

What are the biggest trees in the UK?


Nr Tree species Location
1 Pseudotsuga menziesii (Coast Douglas-fir) Cragside House, Rothbury, Northumberland
2 Sequoiadendron giganteum (Giant sequoia) Centre Parcs, Longleat Forest, Wiltshire
Buckler’s Wood, Longleat, Warminster, Wiltshire
Centre Parcs, Longleat Forest, Wiltshire
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