Where are Englander wood burning stoves made?

Are Englander stoves made in USA?

Built Here

England’s Stove Works was started in 1976 by Bob England and his son Ron, literally in their own backyard. Today, ESW is still family owned, and still in the England’s “backyard” of Monroe, VA. We’ve proudly grown to supply stoves (and now grills and lifestyle products) throughout the U.S.A. and Canada.

Where are Fisher wood stoves made?

Fisher wood stoves were created by Bob Fisher in the 1970s in his home state of Oregon. The standards set by Fisher helped to pioneer safety regulations for all home wood stoves that became effective in 1980.

Where are Timberwolf wood stoves made?

A Good Wood Stove

This Timberwolf is made by Napoleon Stoves out of Canada.

What does low burn air mean on a pellet stove?

essentially the low fuel feed controls the fuel feed on the lowest heat ranges (1 and 2 ) and the low burn air controls the speed of the combustion blower at the same low ranges. so in essence the low fuel feed determines how many pellets per “dose” are fed.

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