What you need to know about England?

English words used in French to talk about technology

What is England best known for?

ENGLAND is famous for many things – David Beckham, Fish and Chips, Big Ben, Red Buses, black cabs, Oasis, Blur, the Beatles, London and tea. England is famous for its long history. England is famous for its Royal Family. Windsor Castle is the oldest royal residence still in use.

How do I prepare to go to England?

7 Tips For Travelling To The United Kingdom

  1. Check your visa and passport requirements. …
  2. Money, money, money. …
  3. Know your transport options. …
  4. Get savvy about the London Tube etiquette. …
  5. Know your healthcare options. …
  6. Make the most of the free museums! …
  7. Get to know the different accents.

What are 10 facts about England?

10 Fun English Facts

  • England Isn’t A Sovereign State.
  • Winchester was the first capital of England, from 827 to 1066.
  • England Has Many Weird Village Traditions.
  • London Bridge Is Now In Arizona.
  • The Queen Has Her Own Poet.
  • London Will Fall If The Tower Of London Ravens Fly Away.

What is a fun fact about England?

England is the most populated country in the United Kingdom. The other countries that make up the United Kingdom are Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. England is bordered by Wales to the west and Scotland to the north. The population of England in 2011 was around 53 million.

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What is England national dish?

What is England famous for inventing?

1840: Postage stamp invented by Sir Rowland Hill (1795–1879). 1845: Rubber band patented by inventor Stephen Perry (dates not known). 1878: Incandescent light bulb invented by Joseph Wilson Swan (1828–1914). 1884: Light switch invented by John Henry Holmes (dates not known) in Shieldfield.