What year was the bad snow in Ireland?

What caused the big freeze of 2010?

The current big chill is a result of high pressure over the polar region, which has pushed cold air out of the Arctic towards much of northern Europe, parts of Asia and the US. Winds from the north and north east, rather than the south and south west, have brought freezing temperatures to the UK.

How cold did it get in Ireland in 2010?

Provisional figures from Met Eireann also show that 2010 was the coldest year on record in Dublin, Mullingar and Knock. And records were set elsewhere — in Co Mayo, a temperature of -17.2C was recorded on December 20, the coldest ever experienced in Ireland during the month of December.

What year was the worst winter?

1936 North American cold wave

  • The 1936 North American cold wave ranks among the most intense cold waves in the recorded history of North America. …
  • February 1936 was the coldest February on record in the contiguous U.S., narrowly eclipsing February 1899.

When was the coldest winter in Ireland?

The highest temperature ever recorded in Ireland was 33.3 °C at Kilkenny Castle, on 26 June 1887. The lowest temperature was -19.1 °C at Markree Castle on 16 January 1881.

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When was the last big freeze in Ireland?

The winter of 2009–10 in the United Kingdom (also called The Big Freeze of 2010 by British media) was a meteorological event that started on 16 December 2009, as part of the severe winter weather in Europe.

Winter of 2009–10 in Great Britain and Ireland.

Winter of 2009–10
Total damage £700 million
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Was 1975 a hot summer?

Summer 1975 was the warmest Summer since since 1947 with a CET of 16.9C.

What year did we have snow in June?

The last time it snowed in London was not during an Ice Age. It was, in fact, not all that long ago – on June 2, 1975.