What was happening in the UK in 1912?

What was life like 1912 UK?

The average working week in 1912 was 56 hours. A skilled man in regular work on £100 per year could probably bring up a family without too much strain. A crewman on the Titanic might hope to earn around £60 per year provided he was in good health and kept regular employment. Many struggled to survive on less.

Who was in charge of the UK in 1912?

David Lloyd George

The Right Honourable David Lloyd George OM [n.b.]
Monarch George V
Preceded by H. H. Asquith
Succeeded by Bonar Law
Leader of the Liberal Party

What was society like in 1912?

1912. There were strong distinctions between the upper and lower classes. Women were considered to be lower than men. All a well off women could do was get married; a working woman was seen as a poor person.

What was poverty in 1912?

The poor had very little money, often barely enough to survive, paying for transportation was not an option, so instead they used to walk to their destination or if they were lucky use the train, although, other than that, everything was too costly.

What happened in 1910s UK?

March – King Edward VII falls very ill with bronchitis in Paris, France, returning to London a few weeks later. … 6 May – George V succeeds to the British throne as King on the death of his father, Edward VII. 11 May – A firedamp explosion at Wellington Colliery, Whitehaven, in the Cumberland Coalfield, kills 136.

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When did UK get a prime minister?

Modern historians generally consider Sir Robert Walpole, who led the government of Great Britain for over twenty years from 1721, as the first prime minister.