What time is 15 00 in the UK?

What GMT time is it in UK?

When Daylight Saving Time rules are not in use, UK is on GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), which is the Standard Time. The Daylight Saving period is called British Summer Time (BST), one hour ahead of GMT (GMT+1).

What time is 4.00 pm?

Time Formats

12-hour 24-hour
1:00 pm 13:00
2:00 pm 14:00
3:00 pm 15:00
4:00 pm 16:00

Is London 5 or 6 hours ahead?

When the time was 11:00PM on Friday, November 12 in London, it was 06:00PM in New York. London is 5 hours ahead of New York.

Time in London and New York.

London New York (-5h)
Sat 05:00PM Sat 12:00PM
Sat 06:00PM Sat 01:00PM
Sat 07:00PM Sat 02:00PM
Sat 08:00PM Sat 03:00PM

What country is 1 hour behind UK?

Well, France is in a time zone that’s one hour ahead of the UK but geographically it’s slightly to the east, meaning the sunset actually reaches Paris before it reaches London, even though it exists in a time that’s later than the UK, so it’s already later when the sun sets.

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