What is trick or treating called in Scotland?

What does Guising mean?

/ (ˈɡaɪzɪŋ) / See synonyms for guising on Thesaurus.com. noun. (in Scotland and N England) the practice or custom of disguising oneself in fancy dress, often with a mask, and visiting people’s houses, esp at Halloween.

Why is trick or treating called guising in Scotland?

The tradition is called “guising” because of the disguises or costumes worn by the children. … In Scotland and Ireland, the children are only supposed to receive treats if they perform a party trick for the households they go to.

What does guiser mean in Scottish?

chiefly Scottish. : a person in disguise : mummer especially : a Christmas mummer.

What is the difference between guise and disguise?

Both involve the art of deception: it’s the methods that differ. Guise is about trying on new attitudes and mannerisms, such as speaking and acting in the guise of a native in a place where you are actually a tourist. Disguise involves hiding your real identity, disappearing in the new role.

What is Fuarag?

Fuarag is a mixture of toasted oats and whipped cream into which was placed a ring, button, coin and a thimble. People would take a large spoonful of the fuarag and whatever item you got would tell you about your fortune in the coming year.

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