What is the purpose of the New England Journal of Medicine?

What does the New England Journal of Medicine do?

The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) is recognized as the world’s leading medical journal and website. Published continuously for over 200 years, NEJM delivers high-quality, peer-reviewed research and interactive clinical content to physicians, educators, researchers, and the global medical community.

What kind of journal is the New England Journal of Medicine?

The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) is a weekly medical journal published by the Massachusetts Medical Society. It is among the most prestigious peer-reviewed medical journals as well as the oldest continuously published one.

What is the purpose of a medical journal?

The main goal of most medical journals is improving medical care by publishing sound scientific articles (both research and practice papers) and focusing on topics that are of great importance to its readership. Secondary journalistic goals include improving the impact factor and breaking hot medical news.

Is the New England Journal of Medicine a liberal publication?

Throughout its 208-year history, The New England Journal of Medicine has remained staunchly nonpartisan. … The N.E.J.M.’s editors join those of another influential publication, Scientific American, who last month endorsed Mr.

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Who reads The New England Journal of Medicine?

NEJM Today

Today, NEJM is the most widely read, cited, and influential general medical periodical in the world. More than 600,000 people from nearly every country read NEJM in print and online each week. Each year, NEJM receives more than 16,000 research and other submissions for consideration for publication.

What is a medical journal?

Medical journals are publications that report medical information to physicians and other health professionals. With the development of electronic publishing, many medical journals now have Web sites on the Internet, and some journals publish only online.

How do you benefit from journaling?

Top 8 Benefits to Keep a Journal or a Diary

  1. Keep your thoughts organized. Diaries help us to organize our thoughts and make them apprehensible. …
  2. Improve your writing. …
  3. Set & achieve your goals. …
  4. Record ideas on-the-go. …
  5. Relieve stress. …
  6. Allow yourself to self-reflect. …
  7. Boost your memory. …
  8. Inspire creativity.

What makes a medical journal reliable?

Peer-reviewed journals are considered the gold standard of scientific research publications. Reputable journals have subject matter experts who volunteer their time to review submitted articles and evaluate their credibility.

Is a medical journal a scholarly article?

These Scholarly Open Access journals aim to contribute to the progress and application of several scientific discoveries, by providing free access to the research information through Medical Journals.

Do doctors read medical journals?

Medical journals differ from scientific journals in that they are mainly read not by scientists but by practising doctors. … The average doctor spends not much more than an hour a week on professional reading.

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