What is the narrowest part of the English Channel?

What is the width of the English Channel at its narrowest point?

From its mouth in the North Atlantic Ocean—an arbitrary limit marked by a line between the Scilly Isles and the Isle of Ushant—its width gradually narrows from 112 miles (180 km) to a minimum of 21 miles, while its average depth decreases from 400 to 150 feet (120 to 45 metres).

How wide is the English Channel from Dover to Calais?

The strait has a width of 18-25 miles, while the depth of the strait is between 120 to 180 feet. Across the Dover Strait, the shortest distance is 20.7 miles, from the South Foreland to Cap Gris Nez, a cape near Calais in France.

Can anyone swim the English Channel?

Yes support swimmers are allowed but they must follow very specific rules. Support swimmers can only get in the water when given permission from the boat pilot. The solo swimmer must swim for 2 hours and then the support swimmer can enter the water.

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