What is the largest wild animal in Scotland?

Are there any large predators in Scotland?

Early Scots shared their pristine lands with bears, wolves and lynx. Even the moose, also known as the elk, was not an uncommon sight. But while most of these species continue to exist and thrive outside of Scotland, some, such as the beaver, boar and elk, have been successfully reintroduced.

What animal is only found in Scotland?

The golden eagle has become a national icon, and white-tailed eagles and ospreys have recently re-colonised the land. The Scottish crossbill is the only endemic vertebrate species in the UK.

What is the largest eagle in Scotland?

The Sea Eagle is Scotland’s largest bird of prey and is the fourth largest eagle species in the world.

Is there cougars in Scotland?

Scotland supports a diverse range of bigger cats: puma (aka cougar/mountain lion), black leopard (aka black panther) and lynx.

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