What is the coldest month of the year in London?

What months are cold in London?

Winter (December – February)

Winters in London are characterised by cold and often rainy weather. The average high between December and February is 48°F (9°C) and the average low is 41°F (5°C). However, freezing temperatures are not uncommon and snow is not unheard of.

Is London cold in November?

London Weather in November: London temperatures continue to drop throughout November, with highs averaging in the low teens, and rain becoming steadier. Expect and plan for cold, wet, and windy, though you may be surprised by a day or two of pleasant sunshine. (Average Max Temperature: 12°C. Average Rainfall: 63mm.)

Is New York colder than London?

Based on your climate statistics, New York is only 5 degrees (F) colder than London in winter. It’s certainly warmer in summer, though.

Why is the UK so depressing?

Revealed: Britons are among the most depressed people in the Western world thanks to job dissatisfaction. People in the UK are among the most depressed in the developed world as they grapple with problems such as job dissatisfaction, according to new international rankings.

Is Feb colder than Jan?

For the Northern Hemisphere, the months of January and February are typically the coldest. … Thus, the coldest months of the year for most Northern Hemisphere locations are the months of January and February.

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Why is England so GREY?

Britain is particularly cloudy because it’s located in the Warm Gulfstream. The heat necessary to evaporate all that water was absorbed off the African American coast, and then transported along with the water. The air above Britain, on the other hand, is quite often coming from the polar areas and thus much colder.

Is London cold in April?


Daytime high temperatures tend to be about 12 C (in mid-50s F) early in April but will warm to about 5-16 C (60 F) by the end of the month with a few afternoons seeing temperatures at or above 21 c (70 F).