What is the best way to get around Ireland?

What is the cheapest way to get around in Ireland?

Renting a car from Dublin Airport is usually more expensive than elsewhere in the country. If you can jump on a train or bus to either Kerry, Cork or Shannon airport, you can find much cheaper deals. f you can’t drive, then Bus Éireann is the cheapest way to travel around Ireland.

How do you get around Ireland without a car?

Here are various ways to enjoy an Ireland itinerary without a car.

  1. Join a Group Tour. The most obvious option to get around touring Ireland without a car is to join a group. …
  2. Train Travel in Ireland. …
  3. Bus Travel in Ireland. …
  4. Traveling by Bus. …
  5. Traveling by Bicycle. …
  6. Traveling by Tram. …
  7. Traveling by Train. …
  8. Traveling by Taxi.

What is the best way to tour Ireland?

In my opinion, the best way to tour Ireland is by self driving. Ideally, plan an Ireland itinerary for enough days to cover a full circularly loop around the island, so that you get to experience a bit of scenery from the Wild Atlantic Way and the rich culture of Ireland’s Ancient East.

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Is it easy to get around Ireland without a car?

Getting around Ireland without a car is completely doable. Plus, it might also be a considerable cost-saver since you won’t be incurring the cost of a rental car and the added insurance you are required to take while driving around Ireland. Travel to Cork from Dublin on Irish Rail.

What is the cheapest month to go to Ireland?

Book at least 3 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price. High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to Ireland is February.

Is there Uber in Ireland?

Does Ireland Have Uber? Yes, but you cannot hire private vehicles on it in Ireland. When you use Uber in Ireland, you will only be able to hire a regular taxi or a limousine. More reliable methods of hiring taxis in Ireland include apps like FREENOW or lynk or flagging them down on the street.

Does Ireland have a good train system?

Irish Rail provides a modern, comfortable and frequent rail service to most parts of Ireland. Visit the website of the Irish railway company: Irish Rail. Please note that on most Irish trains there is no class distinction. Most trains in Ireland operate to and from Dublin.

Where can I base myself in Ireland?

Two towns you could use as bases for the West would be Galway and Killarney. There are day tours out of Galway City to Conneamara, the Cliffs of Moher, and the Aran Islands. Killarney has bus tours to the Ring of Kerry and Dingle Peninsula and a shuttle bus that takes you to Killarney National Park.

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How many days do you need to see Ireland?

There truly is a ton to see in Ireland. I would recommend a one week in Ireland itinerary minimum but I know people often visit for as little as 5 days. 2 weeks in Ireland is better and 3 weeks will allow you to see most of the country if you’re moving at a decent pace (2-3 nights in each destination).