What is Queen Elizabeth’s official title?

What is The Queen’s proper name?

What is the Queen’s surname? Queen Elizabeth II was born in 1926 as Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. She was born of the royal House of Windsor and her surname is Windsor. When The Queen married in 1947, to Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten, she did not take his last name as is customary.

What was Queen Elizabeth II title before queen?

Queen Elizabeth II had another title before she ascended to the throne and became Queen in 1952. While she was the heir to the throne, she was Duchess of Edinburgh because of her marriage to Prince Philip in 1947.

What is Will and Kates last name?

Instead of going by “Mountbatten-Windsor,” George, Charlotte, and Louis use the last name “Cambridge” at school. Which is obviously a new level of complicated but also kinda makes sense since Wills and Kate are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and because we know Prince William used his dad’s title (Wales!)

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