What is a bank swift code HSBC UK?

How do I find my HSBC SWIFT code?

How do I find my swift code HSBC?

  1. From the main accounts screen, tap the account you want to view the IBAN and BIC for.
  2. Tap ‘Statements’, then tap on any recent statement.
  3. Your IBAN and BIC will show on the right side of the statement above the transaction list.

What is the SWIFT for HSBC?

The SWIFT/BIC code for HSBC Bank is MRMDUS33XXX..

Is SWIFT code same as BIC HSBC?

The SWIFT/BIC code for HSBC UK BANK PLC is HBUKGB4BXXX. However, HSBC Bank uses different SWIFT/BIC codes for the different types of banking services it offers. If you’re not sure which code you should use, check with your recipient or with the bank directly.

What is my bank SWIFT code UK?

A SWIFT code (or SWIFTBIC, as it’s sometimes known) is a code that helps overseas banks identify which bank to send money to. For example, if an overseas bank is sending to a payment to your Barclays UK account, they’ll need to know our SWIFT code: BUKBGB22.

How do I find out what my SWIFT code is?

Check the bank statements

You can usually find your bank’s BIC/ SWIFT code in your bank account statements. If you’re using an online bank, log into your digital bank account to easily view your bank statement.

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Is Swift code same as branch identifier code?

Is there any difference between BIC codes and SWIFT codes? Short answer: no. The terms are used interchangeably and mean exactly the same thing – they’re simply given different names by different banks and financial organisations.

What is a swift code number?

A SWIFT code is a code used to identify the country, bank and branch that an account is registered to. When you send money to a bank account overseas with WorldRemit, you’ll need this code to ensure your money’s going to the right place.