What happens to general waste Scotland?

What happens to my general waste?

General waste is the most commonly produced waste stream by businesses and the majority of it ends up in landfill. Landfill is a site where general waste is taken to and buried under the ground.

What happens to waste in Scotland?

Where does it go? These unwanted or out-of-date scraps and leftovers can be recycled into good quality soil improver or fertiliser and even get converted into green energy which can help power Scotland’s homes.

What happens to non recyclable waste Scotland?

Non recyclable waste

All waste that is collected from grey bins or black lidded communal bins is taken to our new energy recovery facility at Millerhill, where it is processed into electricity, instead of being landfilled. … Scotland’s Zero Waste plan sets out the Scottish Government’s vision for a zero waste society.

Is general waste incinerated?

Incineration is the safest and easiest method of general waste management. Providing a solution for: Household Waste.

Is general waste sorted?

This means that your rubbish goes though a range of sorting processes that take out plastics, paper, cardboard and metals. It is still better to recycle in the first instance, but many things that have been put into the general waste bin by mistake are recovered during the sorting process.

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Where does food waste go Scotland?

Most of the food wasted in Scotland goes to landfill where it can generate the gas methane as it rots. That has serious implications for the fight to curb climate change because methane is around 25 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.

What happens to rubbish in the bin lorry?

At the end of the lorry’s round, the compacting process is reversed, and the lorry empties itself at the recycling plant of landfill site. … At the end of the round, more hydraulics lift up the hopper part of the truck, exposing the body. Then, the compacting process is reversed and the truck is unloaded.