What does the UK Modern Slavery Act require?

What are the requirements of the modern slavery act?

6. The Act defines modern slavery as including eight types of serious exploitation: trafficking in persons; slavery; servitude; forced marriage; forced labour; debt bondage; deceptive recruiting for labour or services; and the worst forms of child labour.

Who is subject to the UK Modern Slavery Act?

Companies that do business in the United Kingdom with an annual global turnover of £36 million or more are subject to the act and its Transparency in Supply Chain (TISC) clause.

Do I have to comply with the Modern Slavery Act?

It does not matter which sector you operate in or whether you are based outside of the United Kingdom. If your business operates within the United Kingdom and fits the other criteria above, your business will need to comply with the Act.

What should be included in a modern slavery statement?

What to include in a modern slavery statement

  1. Organisation structure and supply chains.
  2. Policies in relation to slavery and human trafficking.
  3. Due diligence processes.
  4. Risk assessment and management.
  5. Key performance indicators to measure effectiveness of steps being taken.
  6. Training on modern slavery and trafficking.
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How do you ensure compliance with a modern slavery act?

Companies should request and review copies of their suppliers’ Modern Slavery statements and conduct audits of those falling into the highest risk categories. Include consideration of modern slavery within your supplier risk reviews and maintain a register of key risks and actions.

Why is the modern slavery act important?

The modern slavery act takes important steps to ensure that slavery, human trafficking, servitude and forced or compulsory labour are eliminated.

Is modern slavery training mandatory?

In 97% of companies, employees with a lower risk of exposure to slavery are made aware of the existence of training, but it is not mandatory.

Who is most at risk of modern slavery in the UK?

The three most common nationalities of potential victims referred to the NRM were UK, Albanian and Vietnamese. The UK last week became the first country to publish a government modern slavery statement, which sets out how the UK government is tackling the crime in its own supply chains.