What does Maw mean in Scotland?

What is maw slang for?

MAW means “Might As Well.”

What does smell ya Maw ya bam mean?

“Smell yer maw ya bam” Comments: Oh god, someone please help, what’s that mean? “It means ‘smell your ma, you bum‘”

What is the maw situation?

The Maw Cluster, or simply The Maw as it was sometimes called, was an unstable and mostly unnavigable cluster of black holes located near the planet Kessel. The only reason the Maw was visible was due to the ionizing gases being drawn into it.

What does the last name Maw mean?

name for someone who was related to an important local personality, from Middle English maugh, maw ‘relative’, especially by marriage (from Old English mage ‘female relative’). In the north of England this term was used more specifically to mean ‘brother-in-law‘.

What is maw in the Bible?

Cheeks: The lower jaw with attached cheek flesh, tongue included. Maw: The abomasum in its entirety.

Where did the word maw come from?

There’s something ravenous as well as ferocious about the term maw, and in fact it comes from the Old English word maga meaning “stomach.” Occasionally you may find it applied to human rather than animal usage, especially when implying comical greed, as in “he was stuffing cupcakes down his maw as fast as he could.” …

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What does it mean when someone calls you a BAM?

a simpleton, a fool, an idiot.wm.Sc. … bampot or bamstick An idiot, fool, or sometimes a nutcase. This is often shortened to bam, and any eccentric named Thomas risks being dubbed ‘Tam the Bam’.

Is gaffer a Scottish word?

Gaffer; an old English word, but with a peculiar application in Ireland, where it means a boy, a young chap. … Outside a shuttered pub a bunch of loiterers listen to a tale which their brokensnouted gaffer rasps out with raucous humour.