What do I need to import goods to the UK?

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Do I need a Licence to import goods into UK?

An import licence is not needed to import most industrial goods into the UK. However, some industrial goods need import licences as a result of controls imposed at national or UN level.

What documents are needed to import goods?

Four Documents You Need to Clear Imports into the United States

  • COMMERCIAL INVOICE. Country of Origin should be included on every commercial invoice. …
  • PACKING LIST. The packing list is provided by the freight forwarder or shipper. …
  • BILL OF LADING (BOL) The Bill of Lading is a critical piece of documentation. …

What paperwork do I need to import from EU to UK?

Documents All Importers Need

  • Bill of lading (can be telex released or the original) …
  • Commercial Invoice. …
  • Packing List. …
  • EORI number. …
  • Certificate of Origin/GSP Form A. …
  • CE Certificate. …
  • Certification for Port Health. …
  • Test Certificates.

How do I start import?

Follow the import path:

  1. Receive the pro forma invoice, the exporter’s quote on the merchandise; negotiate if necessary.
  2. Open a letter of credit at your bank.
  3. Verify that the merchandise has been shipped.
  4. Receive documents from the exporter.
  5. See merchandise through customs.
  6. Collect your merchandise.
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How much does a customs declaration cost?

Costs will vary with the type of service required and the complexity of the declaration. For example, mixed consignments will take longer to declare and may involve multiple certificates or permits. Export declaration fees start from £25.00 + VAT and Import fees from £55.00 + VAT per customs entry.

Which document is not required for import transaction?

An import transaction involves various documents, such as a bill of lading, certificate of origin, and shipment advice. However, a shipping bill is not required for an import transaction—it is a document required in connection with an export transaction.

Do I have to pay import tax from Germany to UK?

According to the UK government website: “Most goods arriving in the UK are liable to any or all of the following taxes: Customs Duty, Excise Duty and Import VAT”. If you are sending a gift from Germany to the UK, import VAT typically only applies to goods where the value is over £39, or the equivalent in Euros.

Do you pay import tax on EU goods?

There are no customs duties to be paid when buying goods coming from within the European Union.

How much does a import license cost?

Fees for Import Permits

Item Total Value of the goods Fee for Authorized Person
1. Less than $1,000 $10
2. $1,000 or more but less than $5,000 $14
3. $5,000 or more but less than $10,000 $18
4. $10,000 or more but less than $20,000 $22