What are the major Gaeltacht regions in Ireland?

What are the main Gaeltacht areas in Ireland?

Gaeltacht Map

These Irish speaking communities are scattered over seven counties and four provinces. Situated mainly along the Western seaboard, the Gaeltacht covers extensive parts of counties Donegal, Mayo, Galway and Kerry and also parts of counties Cork, Meath and Waterford.

What county has the largest Gaeltacht?

The population of the Gaeltacht area in Galway County had the largest proportion of daily Irish speakers at 29.0 per cent while Galway City had the least at 4.3 per cent.

How many Gaeltachts are in Donegal?

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What is the best Gaeltacht in Ireland?

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  • Conradh na Gaeilge. …
  • The Pop Up Gaeltacht. …
  • The Connemara Gaeltacht. …
  • The Donegal Gaeltacht. …
  • The Munster Gaeltacht. …
  • The Gaeltacht Quarter, Belfast. …
  • The Local Irish Pub. …
  • Online and the Media.

Is Connemara in the Gaeltacht?

Connemara is one of Ireland’s few remaining strongholds of the Irish Gaelic language and is commonly referred to as the largest Gaeltacht region in Ireland.

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Why is there a Gaeltacht in Meath?

When the Irish farmers returned to the land in Meath, they brought with them their native language and culture, which today is greatly celebrated in the small Gaeltacht of Baile Ghib and Rath Cairn, 70 km from Dublin city.

What is fior Gaeltacht?

Truly Irish-spraking areas are the fior-Ghaeltachts! As breac-Ghaeltacht I would define those areas where the majority of people still have knowledge of Irish and a percentage above the national average still speaks it daily. It is fact that today 80 – 90 % of Gaeltacht districts are breac-Ghaeltachts.

How many Gaeltacht schools are in Ireland?

A further over 13,000 students are receiving their primary and second level education through Irish in the Gaeltacht.


Primary level Republic of Ireland Northern Ireland
Gaelscoil (primary) schools 143 35
Total primary students 536,747 168,669
Total primary schools 3,137 827

Where is Irish spoken the most?

Where is Gaelic spoken? Galway County recorded the highest percentages of persons able to speak Irish at 49.0 percent, followed by Clare (45.9 percent), Cork County (44.9 percent) and Mayo (43.9 percent).

Where is the Donegal Gaeltacht?

Located at the foot of Mount Errigal in the breathtaking surroundings of North West Donegal, Coláiste an Phiarsaigh (founded in 1988) provides the ideal Gaeltacht course for both secondary and third level students.

Where is the Gaeltacht in Mayo?

The Mayo Gaeltacht is located mainly in the western half of the county and comprises three separate areas of Tourmakeady, parts of Achill Island and the Erris Peninsula. The Mayo Gaeltacht has a total population of 9,340 (Census 2016) and represents 9.4% of the total Gaeltacht population.

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How many Gaeltachts are in Galway?

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