Quick Answer: What happened in 1890s London?

What was happening in the 1890s in England?

6 February – an underground explosion at Llanerch Colliery, Abersychan in Monmouthshire kills 176. 15 February – Kent Coalfield located. 4 March – the Forth Bridge in Scotland opens. … 15 May – new elected county councils in Scotland, created by the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1889, take up their powers.

What was happening in London in 1889?

6 July – Several aristocrats are implicated in the Cleveland Street scandal after police raid a male brothel in London. … 31 July – Louise, Princess Royal, marries Alexander Duff, 1st Duke of Fife. 3 August. Mahdist War: Egyptian and British victory at the Battle of Toski.

What major events happened in 1896?


  • January 4 – Utah is admitted as the 45th U.S. state (see History of Utah).
  • February 5 – August 12 – Yaqui Uprising in Arizona and Mexico.
  • March 23 – The New York State Legislature passes the Raines Law, restricting Sunday alcoholic beverage sales to hotels.

What major events happened in 1891?

March 30 – Shoshone National Forest is established in Wyoming, the first U.S. National Forest. April 1 – The Wrigley Company is founded in Chicago. May 5 – The Music Hall in New York (later known as Carnegie Hall) has its grand opening and first public performance, with Tchaikovsky as guest conductor.

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What was invented in the 1890s?

1890 Smoke detector

The first automatic electric fire alarm was co-invented in 1890 by Francis Robbins Upton and Fernando J. Dibble. Upton and Dibble were issued U.S. patent #436,961.