Question: Where can I watch the London fireworks?

Is Blackheath fireworks Cancelled?

Victoria Park, Clissold Park and Blackheath firework displays are among events cancelled due to council spending cuts and budget constraints linked to Covid-19.

How many people attend Blackheath fireworks?

80,000 people come along every year to to enjoy this spectaclar display and we want Blackheath Fireworks to light up the sky again on Saturday 2 November. Each year the event is organised by Lewisham Council, but due to government funding cuts this year’s event is under threat.

What time does Victoria Park fireworks start?

This glittering fireworks display will take place in Victoria Park at 7pm.

Are the London 2020 fireworks Cancelled?

2020–21. On 18 September 2020, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan told LBC that the 2020–21 fireworks at the London Eye had been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic in England, as it would encourage public gatherings discouraged under public health orders and guidance at the time.

Are the New Years fireworks Cancelled?

Sydney’s New Year’s Eve family fireworks have been cancelled – despite plans to reopen New South Wales in the coming weeks. … The midnight fireworks display is set to go ahead.

Where can I watch London New Years Eve fireworks for free?

1/6Where to watch the fireworks for free in London

  • Where to watch the fireworks for free in London. BEN STANSALL/Getty Images.
  • London’s bridges. …
  • Primrose Hill. …
  • Parliament Hill and Hampstead Heath. …
  • Alexandra Palace. …
  • Hilly Fields.
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