Question: What airline flys to Ireland?

What airlines are currently flying to Ireland?

Aer Lingus, British Airways, Etihad Airways, United, Lufthansa, Air Canada, Air France and SWISS all fly non-stop to Ireland.

What US cities have direct flights to Ireland?

US airline Continental flies directly to Dublin from Newark Airport in New Jersey, which is conveniently located for New York. US carrier Delta Airlines flies directly to Dublin from New York JFK. Delta also operates daily direct flights from Atlanta, Georgia, and Orlando, Florida, on the East Coast.

What airlines are flying from Australia to Ireland?

Typical carriers that operate flights to Ireland from Australia include Qantas, Virgin Australia, Emirates, Delta, British Airways, Etihad Airways and Air Canada.

What is the cheapest time of year to fly to Ireland?

Early fall (September and October) and spring (March through May, excluding the peak St. Patrick’s Day on March 17) are good times to take cheap flights to Ireland. Off Season: Winter prices tend to be the lowest, except for Dublin.

Can u fly to Ireland now?

There are no restrictions on flights from the United States to Ireland although the number of available flights are reduced.

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Which airlines fly to Ireland from USA?

Which airlines fly to Ireland? British Airways, Aer Lingus & Etihad Airways fly the most frequently from the United States to Ireland.

Which airports fly direct Dublin?

Dublin Airport (DUB) and Shannon Airport (SNN)

Airlines flying to Dublin: U.S. airlines with direct service to Dublin include American, Delta and United; non-U.S. airlines include Aer Lingus and Norwegian.

How long does it take to fly to Australia from Ireland?

Flight time from Dublin to Sydney is 22 hours 35 minutes.