Is the River Shannon in the UK?

Where is the River Shannon in the UK?

The river rises in an area called the Shannon Pot in the Cuilcagh Mountains of County Cavan and travels south towards it’s seventy mile long estuary, situated just outside the City of Limerick, before emptying into the Atlantic Ocean.

Where is the source of the River Shannon?

Is the Shannon longer than the Thames?

It is TRUE. With a length of 240 mi. (386 km), the Shannon River is the longest river in the British Isles.

Is County Cavan part of the UK?

County Cavan (/ˈkævən/ KAV-ən; Irish: Contae an Chabháin) is a county in Ireland. It is in the province of Ulster and is part of the Border Region. It is named after the town of Cavan and is based on the historic Gaelic territory of East Breffny (Bréifne).

Can you swim in the River Shannon?

Swimming – pack your bathers, as the fresh and unpolluted water of the River Shannon is perfect for a dip. The river is also quite shallow in some areas so even children can enjoy a splash around too.

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