Is mobile phone British English?

Is mobile phone British English or American English?

American and British English – Vocabulary – A – M

American English British English
cellphone mobile (phone)
center centre
CEO (chief executive officer) managing director

Is it correct to say mobile phone?

The cell phone providers usually call them “mobile” phones which is more precise since “cell” refers to a kind of technology.

Are elevators British or American?

Sixty American English Words and their British English Counterparts

British English American English
20. lift elevator
21. motorway expressway, highway
22. chips French fries
23. dustbin garbage can

What is vacation British English?

Vacation isn’t used much in British English, except to refer to a period of time when a university is closed, but holiday is used in American English, where it means a national, legal day off, like Thanksgiving or Independence Day. … If it’s not Christmas, a bank holiday is normally on a Monday in the UK.

How do the British say police?

Dibble” has been adopted as a British-English derogatory slang term for a police officer. Filth – Normally “The Filth”, UK, the police. Inspiration for the Irvine Welsh novel Filth. Fuzz – As “the fuzz”, used as slang for police officers; of unknown origin.

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Why do Americans say mobile?

—Americans pronounce the noun mobile to rhyme with toe-heel (MOH-beel). The city in Alabama is usually pronounced MOH-beel. Sometimes it is pronounced moh-BEEL. The petroleum company spells its name Mobil and pronounces it MOH-bil.

Whats the difference between a cell phone and a mobile phone?

The term mobile phone is broadly used to describe a phone that is not connected by any wires. … A Cell Phone is, therefore, a mobile phone that works utilising radio cells, which is an area of radio coverage.

Is it cel phone or cell phone?

Is it “cell phone” or “cel phone”? … It’s “cell phone.”

How do mobile phones work UK?

Mobile phones communicate by sending and receiving radio waves. Just like the waves created by dropping a stone into a pool of water, your mobile phone sends out radio waves in all directions.

Why mobile phones are called as cell phones?

The land area was divided into smaller units called ‘cells’, each of which had their own network towers. The frequency of these towers was based on the density of the phones in that area. … Hence the term ‘cell phone’ came into use.