Is London Eye scary?

Can you feel the London Eye moving?

It moves so very slowly, that there is really no ‘feel’ of movement. You can sit down on the center bench if you need, but I stood almost the whole time.

Does the London Eye wobble?

After more construction, the bridge is totally safe and there is no wobbling, it’s just a name that has stuck unfortunately. Other interesting pieces of trivia is that this was used in the penultimate Harry Potter film, so the film loving-tourists might enjoy seeing it too.

Is there a weight limit on the London Eye?

No weight limit but the numbers are limited in each Pod.

Is the London Eye floor glass?

It’s a solid floor and not as you imply glass under your feet you can see through. The glass comes down to floor level, and it’s in essence like being in a tall building where the windows are floor to ceiling. 7. Re: London Eye – fear of heights!

Is food allowed on London Eye?

Bottled water is permitted onto the London Eye, however no hot food is allowed onto the London Eye.

Who owns the London Eye?

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