Is Ireland warm enough to swim?

Is the water in Ireland warm?

Sea water temperature throughout Ireland is not yet warm enough for swimming and does not exceed 20°C. The warmest sea temperature in Ireland today is 14.8°C (in Dublin), and the coldest water temperature is 12.6°C (Blackrock).

How warm is the water around Ireland?

Irish Sea: general information

City Water Air
Dun Laoghaire 55°F 51°F
Killiney 56°F 51°F
Bray 56°F 51°F
Duncannon 56°F 52°F

Can you swim at the beach in Ireland?

The Irish coast is famous for its dramatic rocky cliffs and rugged shorelines. … It is also a great place for recreational water use. There are ample coastal swimming locations around the country, and other activities such as paddle boarding, sea kayaking, and boating are all very popular.

Where is the warmest water in Ireland?

The warmest water in the vicinity of Ireland is usually to be found in the south-west, near the coasts of Kerry and Cork; the sea is coldest, on the other hand, off the coast of Antrim, the temperature difference between those two zones being usually about 2 or 3 Celsius.

How cold is the sea in Ireland?

Sea temperatures off the Irish coast range from an average of 10°C off the south-west coast to less than 7°C off the north-east coast during February, and from 16°C in the south to 13°C in the north Irish Sea in August. Highest and lowest temperatures occur somewhat later in the year at sea than over land.

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Can you swim in Ireland in July?

* in at least part of the area.

Swimming in Ireland by month.

Month Jul.
sea temperature 57°F to 61°F
Our opinion cold swimming*
Details Sea temperature in Ireland in july

Is swimming in the Irish Sea good for you?

Physical benefits

“Swimming in the sea boosts your immune system; cold water boosts the white blood cell count as the body is forced to react to changing conditions. Over time, your body becomes better at mobilizing its defences,” she said. The sea also delivers that highly sought-after endorphin rush.

Is it safe to swim in Ireland?

All Irish waters are cold enough to cause cold water shock just about every day of the year. Those who swim regularly in these waters can acclimatise and reduce the reactions, but if that isn’t you, you can avoid cold water shock by entering the water slowly.