Is HMS Queen Elizabeth in Portsmouth?

Is Queen Elizabeth carrier in Portsmouth?

Aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth has left its home in Portsmouth ahead of its first operational deployment. It will lead the UK’s Carrier Strike Group, which is taking part in an exercise off Scotland before departing for a tour of the Indo-Pacific region. …

What time is HMS Queen Elizabeth leaving Portsmouth?

According to the Portsmouth Harbour shipping movements, HMS Queen Elizabeth will leave the dock at 9.30pm and will be heading out to sea at around 10.20pm.

What time is HMS Queen Elizabeth arriving in Portsmouth?

According to Royal Navy shipping movement timings, HMS Queen Elizabeth will be on approach to Portsmouth just before 5pm on Wednesday, and will come into dock at around 5.45pm. It means that people will be able to catch an unplanned view of the aircraft carrier as she returns to Portsmouth.

Why is HMS Prince of Wales back in Portsmouth?

HMS Prince of Wales is set to return to Portsmouth earlier than planned as she looks to avoid the bad weather forecast over the weekend.

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