How many Scottish teams have won European Cups?

Who has won more league titles Celtic or Rangers?

The two rivals, who are collectively known as the “Old Firm”, have claimed the vast majority of league titles. As of 2021, Rangers have won 55 and Celtic 51, while no other club has won the title on more than four occasions.

Has a Scottish team ever won the Europa League?

Scottish sides have won four UEFA competitions between them, with Celtic becoming the first side from the British Isles to be European champions by winning the 1966–67 European Cup.


Competition Who qualifies
UEFA Europa League play off round Scottish Cup winners

Has Scotland ever won the World Cup?

The team have achieved some noteworthy results, such as beating the 1966 FIFA World Cup winners England 3–2 at Wembley Stadium in 1967.

Scotland national football team.

FIFA ranking
Biggest defeat
Uruguay 7–0 Scotland (Basel, Switzerland; 19 June 1954)
World Cup
Appearances 8 (first in 1954)

Do any Scottish teams play in England?

Berwick Rangers Football Club is a football team based in the town of Berwick-upon-Tweed, England, just south of the border with Scotland.

Why do Rangers fans hate Celtic?

Celtic and Rangers are the most successful in Scottish football, but that’s only one facet of their heated, deep-seated rivalry with one another. Their rivalry is rooted in a divide of views regarding religion, identity and politics, as well their relationship with Ireland, particularly Northern Ireland.

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Who has won more trebles Rangers or Celtic?

Three Scottish teams have lifted at least one European trophy. Celtic won the European Cup in 1967, Rangers won the Cup Winners’ Cup in 1972 and Aberdeen won the Cup Winners’ Cup and Super Cup in 1983.

Honours table.

Club Rangers
League 55
SC 33
LC 27
Last trophy 2020–21 Scottish Premiership