How many miles is it round the coast of Scotland?

How far is it around the coast of Scotland?

The North Coast 500 (NC500) is named this way because it is around 500 miles long. In fact, it is an 830-kilometre (516-mile) long scenic route. This circuit winds its way along the coastline of the north Highlands. It was launched and branded as the Scottish Route 66 in 2015 and has grown in popularity since.

How long is Scotland’s coastline?

The length of coastline including islands at low water is 4,905 kilometres, 21 per cent of the Scottish total, and excluding islands is 1,900 kilometres (49 per cent of Scotland).

How long would it take to drive around the coast of Scotland?

How long does it take to travel the entire route? You should allow a minimum of five to seven days to explore the NC500 route, although there are plenty of potential stopping points, depending on your interests.

How long would it take to walk around the coast of Scotland?

When they arrive in a west coast village on Wednesday after completing the final leg of their epic journey, they will have clocked up a total of 2,070 miles over 128 days and worn out ten pairs of hiking boots.

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Can you walk the North Coast 500?

Is the route suitable for walkers? Yes! Many people have now tried walking the North Coast 500. Why don’t you head to World Walking where you can sign up for support to do the route by foot…

How long does it take to do Scotland Route 66?

Our advice is to allow at least 5 days to drive the full route round-trip, although more days will obviously allow you to see more. If you have less than 5 days, we’d recommend focusing on a section of the route or a region or two in the area.

Where is Route 66 Scotland?

The North Coast 500 is Scotland’s answer to route 66 and one of the most beautiful coastal touring routes in the world (well, we think so, anyway!). Bringing together just over 500 miles of stunning coastal scenery, the route follows the main roads along the coastal edges of the North Highlands.