How many lakes are there in the UK?

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What is the names of lakes in England?

Largest lakes and reservoirs by surface area

Lake Area (sq mi)
1 Windermere 5.69
2 Rutland Water 4.19
3 Kielder Water 3.86
4 Ullswater 3.44

Which five lakes are in the UK?

Five Lakes in England’s Picturesque Lake District

  • Derwent Water. Drained by the River Derwent, this lake is three miles long and a mile wide. …
  • Bassenthwaite Lake. A shallow lake, Bassenthwaite has a maximum depth of 70 feet. …
  • Brothers Water. …
  • Buttermere. …
  • Crummock Water.

Why is lake Windermere not a lake?

Strictly speaking, Windermere Lake is just called Winder”mere”, with “mere” meaning a lake that is broad in relation to its depth. Windemere, Grasmere and Buttermere are all ‘meres’. Technically a mere is a lake that is really shallow in relation to its size (breadth). … This area is also known as the South Lakes.

What’s the deepest lake in the UK?

Facts about lakes and coastline

  • The deepest lake in England is Wastwater at 74 metres (243 feet)
  • England’s longest lake is Windermere which is 10.5 miles long.
  • There is only one official lake – Bassenthwaite Lake. …
  • The National Park includes 26 miles of coastline and estuaries.

How many reservoirs are there in the UK?

The number of reservoirs built in the UK surged during the 19th century, and there are approximately 570 of them in the country today.

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Is there a loch in England?

Loch Morar is the deepest of the UK’s lakes and Loch Awe the longest. Murray and Pullar (1910) note that the mean depth of Loch Ness is 57.4% of the maximum depth – higher than in any other large deep loch in Scotland. The deepest lake in England is Wast Water which descends to 76 metres (249 ft).