How many English cities have Chester in their name?

Why do English towns end in chester?

The English place-name Chester, and the suffixes -chester, -caster and -cester (old -ceaster), are commonly indications that the place is the site of a Roman castrum, meaning a military camp or fort (cf. … The pronunciation of names ending in -chester or -caster is regular.

Why are so many towns called chester?

Chester. … As with other place names ending in -chester, -cester or -caster, the beautiful walled town of Chester stands on the site of a Roman fort. The Roman word ‘castrum’ changed pronunciation in the Middle Ages to give first -ceaster, and then the modern forms.

What is the most common town name in the UK?

Richmond – itself named after Richmond in North Yorkshire – tops the list which also includes Oxford in third place. It has 41 settlements named after it.

Where does the name chester come from?

“From the city of Chester, the capital of Cheshire, England, founded by the Romans. The name is derived from the Latin Castrum; Saxon, ceaster, a fortified place, a city, a castle or camp, it being a Roman station where the twentieth legion was quartered. ”

How many places have chester in their name?

There are four cities in England that have ‘chester’ in their name. They are: Chester, Chichester, Manchester and Winchester.

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Is chester a name?

Chester Origin and Meaning

The name Chester is a boy’s name of Latin origin meaning “fortress, walled town,”. Chester is a comfortable, little-used teddy-bear of a name that suddenly sounds both quirky and cuddly.

What does chester mean in Old English?

Cestre (1086), from Old English Legacæstir (735) “City of the Legions,” from Old English ceaster “Roman town or city,” from Latin castrum “fortified place” (see castle (n.)).

Is chester classed as Wales?

Chester is a walled cathedral city in Cheshire, England, on the River Dee, close to the border with Wales.

Ceremonial county Cheshire
Region North West
Country England
Sovereign state United Kingdom

What are Old English names?

Popular Baby Names , origin old-english

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Aldrich old king Old-English
Alfred wise counsel Old-English
Alvin elf wine, noble friend Old-English
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