How many British actors are in the wire?

How did Dominic West get part in the wire?

As reported by Mental Floss, after West made an impression at his audition with his Robert DeNiro impression, he was offered the part of Jimmy McNulty but had some reservations about actually accepting the part. Reportedly, taking on the role would require him to live in Baltimore for five years for the filming.

Is Dominic West English?

Dominic Gerard Francis Eagleton West (born 15 October 1969) is an English actor, director and musician.

Dominic West
West in 2011
Born Dominic Gerard Francis Eagleton West 15 October 1969 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Education Eton College

What happened to McNulty after the wire?

Jimmy McNulty: Following his dismissal from the Baltimore Police Department shortly after the documentary ended, McNulty struggled to find work, and thus: struggled to find peace. He bounced from job to job to job, including a short stint at Edward J.

Why is the wire considered so good?

Aside from being endlessly quotable and boasting an amazing array of characters and scenes, The Wire is still as powerful today as when it first aired because its themes and subject matter are absolutely timeless. Truth be told, picking a favourite moment is an impossible task.

Who is Dominic West’s father?

What happened Marlo Stanfield?

What Happened To Marlo? Though he was only introduced in the third season of The Wire, Marlo Stanfield became the show’s most ruthless villain. At the end of the series, Marlo was released from jail but hit the streets in a scene that viewers are still questioning. … Marlo wanted out the game.

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