How many airports in the UK have 2 runways?

How many runways do UK airports have?

Almost all of the major airports in the United Kingdom are single-runway (or functionally-single-runway) installations, with only two of the very busiest (Heathrow and Manchester) having as many as two runways (although Heathrow has a third under construction).

How many airports have multiple runways?

Airports with triple parallel landing capabilities

Airports City Number of Runways
Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport Atlanta 5
O’Hare International Airport Chicago 8
Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport Detroit 6
Charlotte Douglas International Airport Charlotte 4

How many runways does Birmingham airport have?

Birmingham Airport has one runway, which aircraft use in either of two directions, known as Runway 15 and Runway 33. The numbers refer to the runway’s heading, in degrees.

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