How long does it take for a parcel to arrive from Ireland?


How long does a parcel take from Ireland to UK with An Post?

Standard Post items are delivered on the next working day in Ireland. International items take three to seven working days. If you need your mail to get there faster, try our Same Day Delivery or International Courier services.

How long does post take from Ireland?

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Standard Post Express Post
National Delivery 1 – 2 working days Next working day
International Delivery 3 – 7 working days 1 – 5 working days
Cost From €1.10 From €10.00

How long does it take to get a parcel from Dublin?

Find the best postage option for you

Standard Post International Courier Service
National Delivery Next working day
International Delivery 3 – 7 working days 1 – 5 working days
Cost From €1.10 From €36.50

Is Dublin in the UK?

Dublin is the capital city of the Republic of Ireland, which is NOT in the United Kingdom.

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Is postage to Ireland same as UK?

The cost of postage to the UK from the Republic of Ireland depends on whether your item is going to Northern Ireland or the rest of the UK. Postal rates to Northern Ireland are the same as those within the Republic.

Is there post on Saturday in Ireland?

Parcels will continue to be delivered at the following times: Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm. Saturday (urban areas), 8am-12pm. We are not offering evening delivery in urban areas at the moment.

How long does an post take to deliver a parcel?

If you prefer, you can pick up the form at your local post office or delivery office. Why is my post late or delayed? Standard post items are normally delivered by An Post one to two days after posting. Most often, delays occur due to incomplete, illegible or incorrect addresses.

How long does it take for packages to arrive from UK?

Normally it can take 2-3 weeks to arrive from the UK. Royal Mail does not offer how long it takes once it clears customs. Packages can be 6-8 weeks now.

What is the difference between a packet and a parcel An Post?

Heavier or larger items may be classed as a packet or parcel. Weighing no more than 2kg and within the dimensions shown. Heavier or larger items will be classed as a parcel.

Is it illegal to open someone else’s mail in Ireland?

The Postal Services Act 2000 clearly states that it is certainly illegal to open someone’s post, or delay it reaching the owner. … Although throwing it away may not be the same as peeking, most people (and more importantly, lawyers) could argue that binning the mail “delays” the post indefinitely, which is a crime.

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How long will my package take?

How Long Will It Take for My Package To Arrive—USPS

Service Type Ship Time
Priority Mail Between one and three days
First-Class Mail Within three days
First-Class Package Service Between one and three days
USPS Retail Ground Between two and eight days

How long does 2nd class take to deliver?

Second class post usually takes two to three working days to be delivered. Post is delivered by Royal Mail every day aside from Sunday.

Does dispatched mean it will arrive today?

Once again, “Dispatched” simply means that all of the packaging information is ready to go so that the package can be shipped. In contrast, “Out For Delivery” means that the item has already been shipped and is currently being carried by your local mailman or delivery person.