How far is it around the UK coastline?

How long would it take to walk around the UK coastline?

My walk around mainland Britain totalled 6,835 miles and took 454 days over five years.

Can you walk the whole coast of Britain?

Mainland Great Britain has around 17,820km of coastline. That’s just over 11,000 miles of beach, bay, cove and cliff forming the wave-battered circumference of the country. For now, you can’t (officially) walk this periphery; there is no continuous waymarked trail and some stretches are off-limits.

Can you drive around the coast of UK?

Yes but you can’t drive around all the undulations of the coast, a Coastal road tour of GB is about 4.5-5k The UK’s coastline is long in comparison to the UK’s area and to the coasts of some other, similar sized countries; – the length of the UK coastline is around 12,500kms or 7,760 miles*.

Is there a cruise around the UK?

Popular British cruise line P&O Cruises is on hand with their itineraries around the UK from Southampton, while Princess Cruises also offer the big ship experience. Meanwhile, those looking for a cruise onboard more intimate ships can enjoy taking to the seas with the likes of Tradewind Voyages and Fred.

Where is the exact middle of the UK?

For more than 500 years Meriden, near Coventry has marked the traditional centre of England. However, the Ordnance Survey has calculated the exact geographical centre to be in a field at Lindley Hall Farm, in Fenny Drayton, Leicestershire.

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Which British county has the longest coastline?

Cornwall is the county with the longest coastline (1,086km) followed by Essex (905km) and Devon (819km).

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