How far are the cliffs of Dover from London?

Are the white cliffs of Dover in London?

Dover is a port town in the South of England which is home to some very iconic white cliffs- The White Cliffs of Dover. Visiting the White Cliffs of Dover from London had been on my bucket list for over a year after moving to London.

Is Dover a day trip from London?

Visiting London gives you the perfect opportunity to explore the English countryside. A great day trip from London is Dover. Dover is a coastal town in England’s southeastern county of Kent that is popular for its castle and its white cliffs. Going from London to Dover is easy by train and definitely worth a day trip.

Can you climb the white cliffs of Dover?

Chalk climbing—though not exactly popular—has a long history in England, where climbers have headed to the white cliffs of Dover and the Isle of Wight since the 1970s, using ice gear to tap and pound their way up the soft chalk. … (When leading on chalk, climbers use Warthogs and other pound-in protection.)

How old are the White Cliffs of Dover?

The White Cliffs of Dover, the steep, chalky cliffs that fringe England’s southeastern coastline, formed about 100 million years ago thanks to a “Goldilocks” set of ocean conditions, new research suggests.

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