How do I move my dog to Ireland?

How can I take my dog to Ireland?

When travelling to an EU country or Northern Ireland, your pet needs: a microchip. a valid rabies vaccination. an animal health certificate unless you have a pet passport issued in an EU country or Northern Ireland.

Arriving in an EU country or Northern Ireland

  1. microchip.
  2. rabies vaccination.
  3. tapeworm treatment (if required)

How do I move my dog from the US to Ireland?

The following Import Regulations apply if you are looking to bring your pets from the U.S into Ireland.

  1. Microchipped. …
  2. Valid Rabies Vaccination. …
  3. Either EU Pet Passport or EU Health Certificate. …
  4. Tapeworm Treatment. …
  5. Must enter Ireland through Dublin Airport. …
  6. Provide advance intention.

Is Ireland a dog friendly country?

However, Ireland is an amazing country with very welcoming people. … And with the recent changes to rules regarding dogs in restaurants and cafes, you definitely should consider visiting this country with your pup.

Can you take dogs to Ireland from UK?

To travel from Great Britain to Ireland with your pet, your pet will require a microchip, rabies vaccine at least 21 days before travel, worming treatment (for dogs) and animal health certificate, or a pet passport issued outside of Great Britain. For more information, see the UK government website.

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Can I take my service dog to Ireland?

Travelling with a Recognised Assistance Dog

If you are travelling from a non-EU country, you must provide your advance notice form of your intention to bring your service dog into Ireland, at least 24 hours before your departure time.

Can I bring my dog to Ireland on vacation?

If you are bringing a dog into Ireland from a non-EU country, it must be treated for tapeworm (Echinococcus multilocularis) each time you travel to Ireland. The treatment must be given by a vet between 1 and 5 days before you come to arrive in Ireland, and recorded in the pet passport or EU health certificate.

How much is a dog passport in Ireland?

The price for a complete EU Pet Passport in 2020 can cost anywhere between €20 and €448+. The price is broken down into the following compulsory and potential costs: Pet microchipping. Rabies vaccination.

How do I import my dog from UK to Ireland?

Dogs travelling from, or returning from, Britain to Ireland will require treatment against tapeworm by a veterinarian 24 to 120 hours (1 to 5 days) before arrival in Ireland. If travelling with a passport issued in Ireland, this treatment may be entered into the pet passport by a UK vet.

Do dogs need a passport to go to Ireland?

Government Regulations – Pets travelling to Ireland

Dogs, cats and ferrets must have an official recognised EU Pet Passport with veterinary endorsements certifying compliance with tests, treatments and vaccinations.

Is buying a dog essential travel Ireland?

The Departments of Health and Agriculture confirmed that commercial sales of dogs are non-essential and not covered by the farming exception to travel or animal movement restrictions.

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